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July 08: Opening of Museum of Awards for Grameen's First Third of a Century

Awards received by Grameen & Yunus include
2006 Nobel Peace Prize - half to Dr Yunus and half to 7 million female members of Grameen Bank
2000 Indira Gandhi Peace Prize
1993 King Baudouin International Development Prize : for recognition of role of women in the process of development and novelty of a financial credit system contributing to the improvement of the social and material condition of women and their families in rural areas ;

1989 Aga Khan Award For Architecture for designing and operating Grameen Bank Housing Programme for the poor, which helped poor members of Grameen Bank to construct 60,000 housing units by 1989, each costing on an average $ 300

Gandhi Peace Prize 2000 Citation : Grameen bank, Bangladesh
There are few institutions that inspire faith in humanity even in the an environment of material greed, soulless careerism, exploitation and pursuit of naked power, institutions that live with the credo that “small is beautiful” even when the world is being besieged by the philosophy of the big. They are the institutions that live with a soul committed to fighting the inroads of global homogenization, seeking to provide succor to the deprived yet diligent common people and proving that unity can work miracles even in an age of growing individualism. The Gandhi Peace prize 2000 is being awarded to one such institution which has been helping the marginalized masses to reject charity and to master their own destiny instead. It has been helping them tap their innate capabilities of entrepreneurship, thereby bringing them hope confidence and cheer. Here is a fraternity of perseverance and service that promotes dignity and adherence to truth. Here is development which enabled millions of women from poor households to acquire a new meaning in life. Here is development with a human face which is not populist but people-centred and which promotes self-help and self-respect, values dear to Mahatma Gandhi.
Professor Muhammad Yunus, economist at the University of Chittagong, probably did not know that he was launching a revolution when he started his action project and lent a small amount of money to a poor woman to help her build her own life. The success of this experiment gave birth to Grameen bank. This bank radically reversed conventional banking practices with their emphasis on collateral security, practices which has given rise to the witticism that the best way to get a loan in convince the banker that you don’t need one. Here is a new banking system in rural areas that is based on mutual trust, solidarity, participation, peer monitoring and accountability. Its operations indicate the faith of its founding father, Muhammad Yunus, that if financial resources are made available to the poor on terms and conditions that are appropriate and reasonable “these millions of small people with their millions of small pursuits can add up to create the biggest development wonder.” The success of grameen bank has won international acclaim and emulation. With its participatory approach, emphasis on women entrepreneurs, women’s empowerment and employment creation, the microcredit projects have come to be hailed as a very promising approach to poverty eradication.
Mahatma Gandhi gave the world a talisman “Whenever you are in doubt or when the self becomes too0 much with you apply the following test Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man whom you have seen and ask if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him. Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his life and destiny? In other words will it lead to Swaraj for the hungry and spiritually starving millions? Then you will find your doubts and your self melting away”
Grameen bank, Bangladesh is an invitation par excellence, which passes the test with great elan

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