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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

The Book That Can Heal Every Wound That A Disconnected Wall Street Compounded onto Humanity

Born late 2007, Future Capitalism's fieldbook is a passport to the entrepreneurial revolution of ending poverty and empowering sustainable communities worldwide. It's maps provide both a sustainability's innovation catalogue and a governance antidote to value destruction by Wall Street's compound riskmakers. It ends the speculative madness of ruling every organsiation only by how much money did we take out over the last quarter. The Social Business model proposed for Future Capitalismsince 1984 or earlier been known in all likelihood to spin one of 2 ways: Big Brother crashing down on every community , or sustability communities rising and colaboration knowledge taking networks economics way above zero sum. This is the only published book known to us with maths that values human sustainablity truly. The question becomes how to network around it? How to mentor more SMBAs than MBAs in every city. We'd love to hear ideas and pass them up to Dr Yunus' leadesrhip team for appraisal. This knowhow is too urgent not to openly share worldwide now. washington DC tel 301 881 1655

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Comment by chris macrae on October 31, 2008 at 4:46pm
It was mid January 08. Yunus was on day 13 of a pan-USA book-launch. Snow delayed his incoming plane. Reaching his hotel at 2.30am his room had been reallocated. That night after a 60 minute book talk to 1000 New yorkers, a 9 year old stood up anmd asked a prescient question: which banks will have a long future?

21st C Media 1 2 has been behind the curve on every vital question humanity needs debating transparently on all sides. When risks compound exponentially past tipping points 6 months could have made all the difference between

Do tell us if you have any ideas on how humanity can take back freedom of questioning if not of speech. As one small step if you'd like to help co-edit any of these blogspots please say:


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