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Political Discoveries by a Curious Student 1969 to 2009

Political Discoveries by a Curious Student 1969 to 2009

My experience over the years has been that people have no idea the

pervasiveness of socialism (including fascism) in this country (U.S.A) .

I would not have known this either, however, starting about 1969, I read

all I could of what was available at the time of the many socialist,

Marxist, communist, and fascist newspapers. I was then able to see how

each paper would perceive the same news event—very… Continue

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modern slavery to bank debt notes

From “Zeitgeist Addendum”

“It is no measure of health to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society” J. Krishnamurti . . . .

The fractional reserve policy perpetuated by the Federal Reserve which has spread in practice to the great majority of banks in the world is in fact a system of modern slavery. Just as the Federal Reserve keeps the American public in a position of indentured servitude through perpetual debt, inflation, and interest; the World Bank and the… Continue

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who are we ?

EGO ? - - -

Are we the egos that can control us ? - -

Who are “they” that control “us” ? “They” are the egos that “we” are controlled by. This is where the fear that controls “us” has power over us. People talk about the news mostly being so bad. This is how we are controlled - by the fear. Politicians, the media corporations, and religious leaders use fear to manipulate and gain power over us - and we become victims - the other aspect of the ego.

When we judge… Continue

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growth stock to capitalize on now

present moment -
wonderful moment
to capitalize on emerging ecstasies and the growth stock of bliss
overflowing in one's heart now :))
the value of consciously being - peace

love is a stable investment now & in the future

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