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At 9:47am on October 30, 2008, Anders Abrahamsson said…
Yo, yo, yo! So, so, so! GO!
At 9:50am on October 30, 2008, Anders Abrahamsson said…
PS. Soon ai-ki-DO! & my schedule on :). And cool to see this as maybe the strongest, tangible co-creation node for IM&AA for Scandinavia! Still DK need to be invited to the play, I will digest meta-nodes there to get it going. Just added an intermediary profile, now I need to invite some peeps further on my conceptual campaign on Facebook and my Blog Network there as well. Three hubs - my blog - our community over at and the Conceptual Campaign! Three flows into each other... yes! And empowered by AEREAS(i) :) - - IM, member #9, Presto! DS.
At 6:15am on October 31, 2008, Mike Bell said…
Hi Inger-Mette
Good to connect with you in this space.

Find out more about my 100 Climate Change Councils project.

At 7:56am on October 31, 2008, Mike Bell said…
Thanks - we are using an old process based on tribal councils (Wisdom Council)designed to access the collective genius - just what we need to address the challenging complex problems we are creating for ourselves.
At 11:15am on November 24, 2008, Devanayagi Parameswaran said…
Salutations my divine Inger-Mette

I join the group as requsted by you. Capitalism has not been my interest, but I know that we live at a critical time in history, with the uncertainties of war, physical insecurity, and job lost. Technology has shrunk the world, creating new challenges and opportunities, and we are at the threshold of the age of knowledge. Can the poorer people of the world benefit from the age of knowledge.

Our Master has decided to put all his income to setting up a girl school, to build a new generation of Goddesses who will work towards serving women to reclaim their rightful place in society. At the same time spreading Living Goddess Tradition to all corners of the globe. We ask all to help us to help the Little Goddess of India. Your financial pledge would be of great help. We only need the fund when the projects begin. We need to raise 100, 000 Euros by 2010.

May the divine Mother bless you with success in your endower.

Shri Devanayagi
At 2:37am on May 21, 2009, Mike Bell said…
Hi Inger-Mette
Apologies for a very late response to you. I fell ill just before your message and I'm just getting back into work now.

Perhaps it is too late now but if I can be of assistance please let me know.


At 3:48am on May 21, 2009, Mike Bell said…
Thanks Inge-Mette. I am part of a new peace movement that you may be interested in -

It's first program of principles and practice is called First Peace - because all the wisdom traditions, particuarly Native American, say the same - the first peace is the peace within our hearts and without this it is not possible to have peace in families, communities and between nations.

At 5:07am on June 8, 2009, chris macrae said…
ingrid - you asked for mire info on all day yunus birthday dialogue june 29 - its a big topic - basically devriefing yuinus on anyone I have met in first 18 months of future capitalims and inviting others who feel social bsuiess is the most colaborative way to change the world to come do likewise- this will probablky become a thrice a year meeting though this is the first and last that I am taking responsibility for geeting people to be there at same time- at least 3 months intense work on my siide has got as far as and if you or anyone wants to know more probaly best to ask at my usa landline 301 881 1655

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