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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

1000 new books - london paris dhaka wiesbaden glasgow bangkok DC NY LA

hi I am starting to read the new book of dr yunus; he's aiming in next 3 years to do to global media what he has previously done to global banking - in other words any sector you want to change for  sustainable future is now up for entrepreneurial revolution ; my dad who first started searching for sustainability's missing micro system in his 1976 survey in The Economist wants to see a club of 100 microprofessionals formed before he exits this planet; with dr yunus he is probably one of bangladesh's 2 oldest microeconomist having learnt economics from an India correspondence course as a teenager whilst waiting to navigate raf planes out of Dhaka;  

I think I know who to trust to openly host such book and project circles in these 10 cities; please tell us if you can help with city number 10 or want an email intro to hosts in your choice of Global Grameen 1 to 10

1 Paris -fan webs

2 Dhaka

3 London

4 Nairobi

5 Glasgow

6 Wiesbaden

7 Bangkok

8 LA (& CA)

9 DC

10 NY/Princeton



dad celebrated his 85th birthday a little early in 2008 with a lunch hosted for dr yunus on 15 feb at the royal automobile club in saint james among 30 guests mostofa and sofia have sustained the most action, though alan will be helping us write a book on sustainability's world class brand (a 2.0 to my 1990 book on that title)

and modjtaba sadria the greatest intercultural translator I ever expect to call a friend decided to go back to iran after 35 years abroad in paris, and london, japan and china; he spent much of the new year of 09 writing a piece that dr yunus had said obama and yes we can generation needed in the battle to go beyoind wall street normalcy

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Chris, I was rather interested to discover recently that Matthew Bishop author of Philanthrocapitalism has also released a new book The Road Frorm Ruin which examines the causes which led to the credit crisis. Until that crisis loomed few had given much time to thoughts of reforming capitalism.

It was the point at which the theory of Philanthrocapitalism is now which P-CED began with in 1996 in the core argument for an inclusive paradigm. That and the fact that Capitalism 2.0 as many now describe it, has been applied and demonstrated will doubtless be brushed aside in favour of the bandwagon.

Since having the opportunity to read about Social Business online, I discover that P-CED and Yunus both made the point that the charitable dollar is spent once, whereas that invested in business for impoverished communities continues to flow.

Since then the model described in the P-CED paper has been applied as the foundation of B-Corps, the Community Interest Company model and most recently the qualifying criteria for the Social Enterprise Mark.

in 2006 the microeconomic 'Marshall Plan' we delivered to Ukraine was based on a social business approach. The prescription for social and economic intervention was that the 'more than full cost recovery' components would underwrite those less profitable such as childcare reforms.

Three years on and the long tail of the impact made is that domestic adoption has increased its modest numbers by 40%. Just a few days ago, the university we'd identified as central for a social enterprise faculty backed by a social investment fund (yes, that came from us, weighed against the cost of ongoing intervention in Iraq) became a new Microsoft Innovation Centre.

We are I fear about to be overwhelmed by a bandwagon of theorists who will distort inclusive capitalism away from its objective of ending poverty. That will be a tragedy.

When I read the commentary on Huff Post sadly, there's a public perception that inclusive capitalism will not work in spite of my efforts to point to where it has already worked.We need to change that public perception above all.

Chris, You may also find this interesting. The scene is Davos 2008 at the Ukrainian lunch. We're working in Ukraine having made the 'Marshall Plan' paper very public as a magazine article 6 months earlier.

We find Sir Richard Branson reading back our script about capitalism from a 2004 interview

In the audience, Yunus, Gates, Clinton, Blair and Matthew Bishop who's there to promote Philanthrocapitalism

As they banquet a story breaks in Ukraine, it''s the social problem we raised 2 years earlier and a young man persuaded to speak up
about it as a child dies of malnutrition in state care.

I thin it illustrates the gulf between economic theory about changing capitalism and those of us trying to apply it,
Dear Chris! are doing a great job! i am out here in "nowhere" - :-) work a lot to sustain our business....

Hope we might meet one day again!

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