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Chris, I was sorry to read of your father's passing in your message yesterday.

I wanted to convey my thoughts on collaboration.

Social Business Day passed two days ago and though I blogged and tweeted about it, unfortunately little interest was shown

It did however lead me to the Yunus definition of social business:

"A social business is defined as a non-loss, non-dividend company dedicated to meeting social needs; such as ensuring affordable
healthcare for all, promoting better nutrition for children, creating
employment for the unemployed, moving towards a safer
environment, enhancing the process of women empowerment and providing
safe drinking water.

What's described above is precisely what we've been doing as a business since 1999 first bringing microfinance to empower women and emergency food relief to Russia in 1999  Then on with the dispossessed Tatars of Crimea and currently neglected children in institutional care in Ukraine. We've done nothing with water.  All through a no dividend business model with a primary social objective using software development as a revenue source.

I did however find Grameen Creative labs which has a discussion forum where I found no one willing to communicate so far.    

I cannot join you on Business fights Poverty because I was suspended after pointing out that for business to fight poverty it has to stand up against corruption. That was at least 2 years ago. I have a strong suspicion that its more to do with wanting to pass off our work as their own innovation.

I do however manage the group "Social Business and For Benefit corporations" on Linkedin which has about 440 members.

Nobody it seems, wants to collaborate. B-Corps appear to be another example of those who want to imprint their brand and create some form of franchise.

Business will never win against poverty when set up as competing doctrines. The final sentence of our own paper made a point about learning to share and it's as relevant to social business advocates as any other group.

'Just changing the way business is done, if only by a few companies, can change the flow of
wealth, ease and eliminate poverty, and leave us all with something
better to worry about. Basic human needs such as food and shelter are
fundamental human rights; there are more than enough resources available
to go around--if we can just figure out how to share. It cannot be "Me
first, mine first"; rather, "Me, too" is more the order of the day.'

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