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Ethics and exclusion in social enterprise

Participating in a recent discussion on Skoll Social Edge, I touched on the subject of exclusion describing how countries and then academic institutions are determined to shut out others from participation. I describe being excluded from countries and even from other Ning groups like Business Fights Poverty, who I can only assume feel their authority undermined by those taking the ideas out in the field, so to speak.
I made the point about the Said Business Schools conference on a new form of capitalism, something I'd been talking about on their forum and elsewhere for about 5 years.

I wonder if social enterprise or social business are actually inherently anti-social since there seems to be so little interest in collaboration. Few will respond to another in my experience.

Then there's the shoulder shrugging which comes when one asks for support. I reach this point again today, in describing how 3 years of defamation from those that don't want to understand the concept of a business with a social purpose may act out their campaigns on their blogging medium and that nobody even in the world of social enterprise sees this as harmful. At least not until it comes knocking on their door.

Can anyone claim they are involved in social business and see this kind of harm being done without standing up to object. Even if it may not be the same school of thought they subscribe to.

I don't really see the world changing with these attitudes.


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