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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

What connects the most purposeful peoples’ summits in the world? YUnus Book Countdown 10 9 8

What connects the most purposeful peoples’ summits in the world?


1.0 Uniting round The Greatest Ever Goal:  1960s people had the moon: we have saving the planet & ending poverty –what could be more exiting than 2010s?


2.1 Celebrating practitioners with solutions that diverse peoples and communities can open source; peoples summits are exact opposite of global summits where world leaders are there to image make on tv


2.2 Does a peoples summit exist- in my searches the one that’s most interesting is  1997-2010 microcreditsummit


Behold the largest self-help undertaking in human history—bringing hope, dignity, and empowerment to tens of millions of the world’s poor and poorest families. Behold a movement with global outreach, that has penetrated beyond city slums and market towns to even the most isolated villages. Behold an industry that embraces thousands of NGOs, credit unions, public and private banks, and an infrastructure of hundreds of thousands of community-based peer lending groups that are enabling many of the planet’s most disadvantaged households to generate the additional income and savings they need to keep their children alive, nourished, healthy, and able to attend schools


Probably if microcreditsummit had started much later than 1997 it wouldn’t have developed to be human process distributed


3.1 What can we learn from history of greatest races? Well it seems to me that the moon race was greatest collaboration between man and computer because the computer was only used for what man couldn’t do; today’s hi-tech mistake may be to only use man for what computers can’t do


3.2  Discover collaboration tools usable at magic ages in personal development- in 5 years of searching world citizen guides identifies:

3.2.1 before adolescence the Gandhi family who care for 31000  lucknow school children that has computerised Montessori practices, and Harrison Owen open space as extraordinary collaboration experiences

3.2.2 for teenagers, the entrepreneurial competition formats of new Zealand schools where every child is also encouraged to be a great journalists /questioner and not rush into smart answers looks world class to me

3.2.3 for those at university age (or last 2 year together before jobs) networks of microenetrepreneurs like Bangladesh encourages and Frace has implemented round are great collaboration experiences;


3.2.3 At every age:  based on Dr  Muhammad Yunus new book Building Social Business we can host games round any greater sustainability goal we choose, and encourage 12 type of collaboration partners to play at networking innovation by multiplying best of micro systems, macro systems and media systems


4  Elect beliefs which can help the culture sustain people summits over 13+ years


4.1 the king can’t change until people can is one of my favs – what’s yours


for mathematicians (or those professions that pride themselves on numeracy) : we are suffering from the world’s biggest maths error- the bad and good news is that we can only see sustainability blossoming if we resolve this error; the maths of sustainability exponentials exist (yunus social business model is one version of it) ; also those microcreditsummit networkers who have maintained the system rules introduced by the Bangladeshi microcredits back in 1997 have 13 years experience of validating sustainability’s maths

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