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Twist up Economy Theory 

By: Farhat Abbas Shah

The persistent current economic crisis is pushing the global economy to adopt the way nature acts. Sometimes we find the resources by digging out the things, while any other time the nature through them out from bottom to upward. The failure of trickledown effect is also indicating the need of identifying a divergence to open any new headway of growth, productivity and a long term sustainability of economy at large.

Here I find an ultimate firmness by embracing the “Twist Up Economy” theory, addressing the core issues with a great resolution.  Fortunately the Twist Up Theory is the ever first model, which seems a wise accordance with Capitalism, Socialism, and Islam. However the basic reason of the reinventing the global economy is not to see or to design the similarities between the three, but to pull  the sinking ship out of the cold waters. 

Twist up theory emerges as a rejoinder to trickledown theory. It is a course with the notion that the sustained micro and small businesses assure the sustainability of the macro economics. It increases the numbers of consumers and their capability to buy. It also strengthens the markets and supports rich persons to expand their businesses as well as the poor to fulfill their dreams about a life out of poverty. The world has long relied on trickledown theory but it could not ensure desired results. I believe that entrepreneurs and SMEs on the other hand could be very handy in bringing about the desired change at the lowest level and from there the trickledown effect may begin its upward journey to bring about even a macroeconomic stability.

 It also an effort to avoid the current currencies and the money systems as an agreement between the economic units, agents and also others to stop the monopolization of economy through money and currencies.  It emphasizes on the assets and kinds baked purchasing power, which cannot be possible without the original trade.


Philosophy of Twist up Economy Theory:

Every individual has right to avail the opportunity to do a productive economic inter action with society because, the only economic sustainability at every tier of the society can ensure an ultimate economic peace and prosperity.  Big rich and small rich with equal basic rights of all kind can work but the poverty is the obscenity for the global economy and for the fullness as well.   Justified opportunities of earning for everyone are the real environment to circulate wealth and to begin the productive cycle. And this is the responsibility of the rich to educate the poor, make them skilled and develop the business partnership on profit and loss share with an upright manner.  Contrasting the trickledown effect   the twisting up wealth from the down to upward is far natural and beneficial even for the big rich, who want to continue earning more and more wealth even  with the purpose of just earning the money.  It must be grow like trees and crops from seed to fruit with an honest distribution among the investor and the service provider or among the business partners. The notion and the effort of making the poor rich by making them skilled and productive with honorable as well as sustainable sources of income can change the fate of the global economy. It belief the barter system in kind, assets and services both backed distribution of the wealth is the resolve of the all historical and current economic instabilities.    

The Beauty of Good Economic Relationship:

From attaining the basic needs to enjoying the facilities and the luxuries of the life is way human beings make efforts throughout the life at a normal societal level. If it would be on the basis of individualism and self-centered, it will always create a conflict of interest which will lead the society to a continuous anarchy at every level situate the all positive efforts in the obscurity and the  world have to face economic depressions again and gain.  While to engage oneself with other to create a win win business having the intention of securing the partner’s benefit will create a prosperous and contented living on earth.   

Economic Culture:

Enabling the environment of the trade corporation is spirit of the Twist up Economy Theory. The world has to rely on Trade Corporations with market structures instead of investment banks, companies and organizations.  Here lies the secrete of the success of the economy at large to come up with the vision of doing the real, original and true businesses rather than making money just op papers, plastic and manipulating the figures. Developing the trade structures from bottom to top to do businesses at the door step of the productive hubs through commodities ventures creates a long term sustainability for all.

Trade Corporations


SME specialized Villages

Community Savings

Encourages Barter system particularly at community level

Volunteer Giving as a social responsibility

Financial Gifts mutual activity basis at events like marriages, deaths, sicknesses, accidents and incidents

Prosperous investing

Rejects currency monopolization

Encouragement and Reward

Punishment on betraying economic bound

Rulers must be share their wealth with the nation they rule if they have more than the average rich of the country 

Poor partners must demonstrate a high level honesty and sincerity with their businesses


Fulfilling the economic responsibility:

As a rich individual and profitable organization, what so ever they are fulfilling their social responsibility, they must accomplish their economic responsibility by making the poor their partner at profit and loss sharing basis with justified ratio. The economic exploitation of each other will be crime, while an resource extending act will be contented with honor and facilities i.e. reduced taxes etc. as an incentive. T U E theory emphasizes on a cohesive and a economic responsible relation between poor, rich and the state. The state must have to protect the rights of the poor as well as the rich on common grounds.     

Prioritization: A road to the economic happiness

A justified portion of the first earning must go to the accomplishment of the basic needs and then an economic process flow  in productive manner must be in actin towards a sustained society with a limited profit belief. 





Skill development



Getting Prosperity

Enjoying  luxuries with the sense of helping  vulnerable people is also source of real happiness

Recycling economic activity

  Core Features:

Partnership with the poor on profit and loss sharing basis by making them skilled and productive, with the notion of earning with the poor, not from the poor.

Building a huge consumer base globally.

Turning the poor into sustainable and prosperous (small rich).

 Twisting the economic cycle from the bottom to upward.

Creating an interest free world.

Making outputs a parallel currency  

Tying the people with each other by creating a mutual profit and loss relationship.

Developing a mechanism of an ongoing social change.

Addresses individual to collective.

Accesses to all.


Provides incentive and motivation to the poor to get the economic happiness by earning and owning wealth.

Emphasizing on keeping the wealth productive.

Blocking unrest due to economic in convenience.  

Accelerate private consumption.

Competition in creating impact.




Usury/Ribah/interest/ service charges on providing capital

 Outreach without quality


Evading the ultra-poor

Hiding processes and results

Exploitation  and manipulation



Ultimate economic stability

Social change through Economic sustainability at large

Economic Happiness

Prevention of economic depressions 


When a person or a group finds resources in shape of kind or money, they start using, spending or consuming. This is the basic point of twisting up wealth from micro to macro. Who he don’t have bread to eat, milk to drink, cloths to wear, shelter to live and facility to enjoy, he or she gets to consume or spend. Similarly if the wealth which is not dynamic, never can be proved better than a piece of scrap. So the twist up economy theory suggests bridging between the non-productive poor and the non-productive wealth as well to initiate a high interaction for a big economic and social change.  The three trillion poor and the trillions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Dirhams must have the power to move the world ahead. And it is the responsibility of the responsible people, institutions, authorities and the governments to make efforts in this regard. Give the poor skills, resources, protection and honor by making them partners, not borrowers, help them to become socioeconomically responsible and get the multidimensional impact. The sincerity of action and a continuous smart effort will speed up the process and will reduce the gap between action and result. An economically sustained world is waiting for us.


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