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the value of consciously being - peace

love is a stable investment now & in the future

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Comment by chris macrae on November 19, 2008 at 10:29am
just flying back from a california conference where 200 people are planning how to turn media through 7 years of events - there's no doubt in my mind -after a career in analysing media - that not only has media dumbed us down but its has devalued the human relationship trusts that ll the most vital human progres has previously depended on

whilst this dismal state started wiath mass media, I think of media in every sense including whether we have space and time nd permission to cross-culturally talk with each other in big cities; whether we are educated to experience cross-cultral joy etc

more in a day or two, once I have tried to work out what happened at the conference that can most productively flow into our ning and back to the hollywoodian who would change hollywood
Comment by Nicholas Truske on November 19, 2008 at 11:07am
Hi Chris, I just read your thoughts on media - here is part of my new blog relating to media:
Who are “they” that control “us” ? “They” are the egos that “we” are controlled by. This is where the fear that controls “us” has power over us. People talk about the news mostly being so bad. This is how we are controlled - by the fear. Politicians, the media corporations, and religious leaders use fear to manipulate and gain power over us - and we become victims - the other aspect of the ego.


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