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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

I spent some of thanksgiving updating - Can you help make it one of the best places to click for online resources on grameen -trust is the international arm actively helping microcredit develop in about 40 countries through nearly 150 local partners

some people reckon that microfinance is now a $300 bn dollar sector - the great risk of this is that as an open source method, some big powers will pretend to do microfinance to end poverty for a few years and once they have chained borrowers go back to wall street type banking or loansharking

the great opportunity of microfinance is that it is commuity-based banking network that invests in people's productivity and not compound risks and not chaining people to credit- arguably most of world banking would be better off with microfinance systems

the other opportunity is once microcredit gets its root in a community it become a natural partner of everything else that is vital to community sustainability

I will be talking to Dr Yunus on Sunday to see if he wants help in kickstarting 7 new microcummits given that microcreditsummit started in 1997 is the most successful network for humanity so far connected. I look forward to hearing from yunus10000 clusters or others who feel that they can help with a microsummit contyext

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