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At 6:36am on November 15, 2008, chris macrae said…
here is a shortened version of a mail just sent to tiny & 50 npeople on a week of debates on how nigeria can collaborate with world of ending poverty - do discuss with him- I',m mainly offline in california for 4 days
Tony fantastic that you write to me about Nigeria's and Norway's collaboration to change the world's sustainability; a lot's been happening with people around me on this -here's a quick connecting guide -love to see people edit in what I dont know, get wrong, take too general a view of I am just off traveling for 4 days; as it happens I am not an expert on Africa but that region is one peter burgess has made his life mission over 50 years and by good timing Peter and I have spent quite a bit of this week meeting Thompson who runs a people's think-tank in Lagos, and was the only resident african to contribute to lessons from the poor a book celebrated this last week in washington DC , cheerled by such famed americans as willaim easterly author of white man's burden

I realize that Nigeria has every different challenges by regions; and that one also has to be careful about what one talks about publicly because some problems are caused by authorities and corruption, and histories of failed reconciliation- however it would be fantastic if we could map the sorts of different challenges or specific ones you are interested in

you can trust Thompson, peter and Spencer and Rachel (in new york); you can see spencer and me and Rachel on this video arguing for dialogue spaces; at the very bottom of you will see 7 summits that alumni of Dr Yunus wish to see emerge worldwide and locally to end poverty. I want to help these happen by 2015 both because that is the millennium goal date and when Dr Yunus is 75. I believe he has the most open microeconomics maps of human sustainability of anyone; youth the world over also have a once in a generation chance because of 2 things especially:
the whole world can currently see that global-down doesn’t work for rich or door because of the meltdown of wall street banking and the finding that top people have been compounding risk with acre for nobody other than how much cold they make every 90 days; whilst I don’t myself believe we can depend too much on any one man, Obama is the most opposite leader in the world to bush. His mother was pioneering microcredit in Indonesia while Yunus was pioneering it in Bangladesh. What Bangladesh and India practice is an opposite way round development economics to the one that has failed the poorest for 50 years. I believe it is very compatible with Gandhi, Mandela, Tutu .
At 1:20pm on May 12, 2009, chris macrae said…
Nice piece on goals tony - do you have any view or examples on how a generation, or culture or peoples sucessfuly elects -and then practices- its goals

I thought the election in the usa of "yes we can" was quite clear in terms of ooals but the practice does not seem to have any structure supporting it, and I fear that accidentally obama is being removed ever more from cheerleading his peoples where they do yes we can goals of the biggest kind needed to change the top-down systems -and blatant greed and professional bullies - that have caused so much to collapse

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